Carpet Cleaning Is Now Rocket Science

Carpet Cleaning in Northern VA Is Now Rocket Science

An innovation that was developed for use in outer space might now assist zap dirt and allergens in your home. It’s yet another case where “rocket science” has actually come home to improve life on earth. The technology, an X-ray analyzer “gun” used on Space Shuttle Discovery, has been adapted to determine exactly what does it cost? soil cleansing products eliminate from carpet. That’s good news for homeowners due to the fact that this innovation is being utilized to keep today’s resilient stain-resistant rugs cleaner and assist them last even longer.

Carpet Cleaning Northern VA

Routine Deep Cleaning Vacuums and wet-cleaning devices that you buy or rent can remove loose soil, spills and spots. Even with this type of regular cleaning, soil builds up. Proper carpet care needs regular deep cleaning, ideally every 12 to 18 months, to get rid of trapped soil and residues, say experts. Specialists using portable extractors and devices mounted in service vans do this type of cleansing. Your carpet service warranty might require such routine cleaning.

Not all cleaning equipment and options clean equally well. Independent testing reveals that various cleaning detergents and area removers clean no better than water. These cleaning items can leave a sticky residue that draws in soil back to the carpet, degrading carpet appearance. There are also huge differences in the soil removal capability of carpet cleaning devices, particularly extractors. Seal of Approval The X-ray fluorescence innovation enhanced by NASA has permitted the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) to establish a new Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning items.

Just those products satisfying high efficiency standards get the bronze-, silver- or gold-level Seal of Approval. This not just assists customers acknowledge quality products, however it likewise highlights the very best methods for preserving the life and appeal of carpet. Appropriate carpet care needs routine deep cleaning, ideally every 12 to 18 months, to get rid of trapped soil and residues, say specialists. Professionals using portable extractors and equipment installed in service vans do this type of cleaning. Your carpet guarantee may require such periodic cleansing.

By Tom Klenner Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Northern VA

At Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Northern VA not only do we use CRI cleaning solutions but we also use the most technological cleaning equipment, specifically the Rotovac rotary wand. It cleans 20 to 30 times deeper and faster than the old metal wands the technician pushes back and forth. This means better deeper cleaning,  faster drying and less chance for dirt to wick back up after your carpet cleaner leaves.

Did You Know That A Diaper Is The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Tool Ever Made?

The Secret is out! And the reason it has been a secret so long is because very few of us could ever admit to enjoying having to use or change this energy saving device. And when we have a used one in our possession not one of us can get rid of it fast enough. After your very next spill, simply place this diaper over the affected area, step on it for one minute, then be prepared to see how much of the mess has been literally sucked out of your carpet! You will be surprised.

Hi, my name is Steve Hunter, I am a Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician for Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Virginia .  It is time that someone stood up and told the truth about carpet cleaning! Almost everyone has been soaked by a carpet cleaner, and most people’s expectations have been lowered to believe that all carpet cleaning companies are the same. It seems that every carpet cleaner dwells on the explanation about their super sucker truck mounted equipment and the high heat it produces.  And although there is truth in these explanations in getting the carpet clean, education by a recognized training organization and experience in the proper cleaning techniques are even more important.

How often do your carpets require cleaning to extend the time before replacement thereby saving you money. Even the most trained cleaner in the world will not be able to make your carpet last very long if the reason for cleaning your carpets regularly is not understood. Like any other investment of equipment and furnishings only proper maintenance will guarantee maximum usage. Maintenence and frequency of cleaning can only be determined when the following are taken into account. The kind of carpet you have, (nylon, polyester or polypropylene), the amount of foot traffic, the environment to your home (oily or dusty) and the weather patterns at certain times of the year.

Spring Cleaning for Moms on the Go


Spring Cleaning for Moms

Spring cleaning sounds good in theory; who wouldn’t want a freshly cleaned, decluttered, and organized house once a year? However, between taking care of the kids, maintaining your weekly cleaning routine, and possibly working, you don’t have days—if not weeks—to dedicate to a deep clean. Freshen up your house for spring efficiently and effectively with your family’s help.


Target Problem Areas


That corner of your garage with boxes piled to the ceiling might be irksome, but does it have a major impact on your everyday life? If not, let it go, and focus instead on those issues that are really causing you trouble. If you have a kitchen cabinet full of bottles and pacifiers but your youngest child is 4 years old, box them up, and move them out to the garage. If your linen closet became storage for toys your kids have long forgotten about, donate them, freeing up space for your sheets and towels. Cleaning and organizing those spots in your house that have been driving you crazy is an effective way to spring clean without scrubbing every nook and cranny in your house.


Focus on the Season


When temperatures chilled several months ago, you probably winterized your house for the cold and snow. Now, it’s time to prep the house for warmer weather. Put away the sleds and boots. Prepare your backyard or deck for spring and summer outdoor fun—set up the patio furniture, double check that the swing set is in playing condition, and plant a few flowers. Transform your kitchen table by adding some bright placemats or a pastel table runner along with a vase full of freshly cut flowers. Your house will instantly feel updated, as you usher in spring with season-appropriate decor and items inside and out.


Assign Tasks


Spring-cleaning tasks shouldn’t be yours alone; instead, get the family involved. Challenge your kids to tackle a couple of productive but manageable tasks. Ask them to pick out five outfits in their closet that no longer fit them. Set a good example by donating these outgrown clothes to a charitable organization in need. Have the hubby organize the garage or do some springtime landscaping. Together with your family’s help, you can spruce up your house in time for spring.


Offer a Reward


Motivate your family to chip in by planning a springtime activity to enjoy once the cleaning is complete. Choose an outdoor activity to take advantage of the warmer weather. Plan a picnic in the park. Get tickets to a minor league baseball team’s opening day. Host a backyard barbecue for the kids and their friends, allowing you to enjoy the updates you made outside. A seasonal celebration can help you get your spring cleaning wrapped up and allow you to spend quality time with the family.




Don’t let spring cleaning take over your life—you simply don’t have time for that. Tackle a handful of manageable tasks with your family, and then reap the benefits of your hard work with some outdoor springtime activities.


by Steve Hunter, Owner of Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning, a family run service serving Northern Virginia since 1988.

Car Upholstery Cleaning and Stain Removal

dirtycaruphDeep-seated stains and spills on auto upholstery fabric may be difficult to remove. Resorting to car upholstery repair and cleaning services may be costly.

What you can do: learn to treat common minor stains on your own. Aside from keeping your car in tiptop shape, regular cleaning helps keep the value of your car. Damaged and stained car upholstery puts a dent on your car’s value if you sell it.

Regular cleaning of the car interior, say once a week if you use your car every day, can do wonders for your upholstery fabric. By taking the time to vacuum and wiping the car seats regularly save you money in the long run. Minor stains are readily removed while they are fresh.

When you go ahead and do your cleaning, always vacuum first. This gets rid of loose dirt and dust. Next, wipe the car seats. For vinyl seats, use a wet cloth sprinkled with baking soda. For leather upholstery, use commercial leather cleaning products. A lint-free cloth must be used to wipe down leather.

Dealing with common stains

If you can remove stains with water, then do so. Use chemical cleaners as a second option. A mixture of liquid dishwashing detergent, white vinegar, and hot water almost always does the stain-removing trick. Rub the homemade stain-cleaning mixture against the car upholstery fabric and let it sit for half an hour. Blot with a towel or a rag afterwards. Stains from beer and alcoholic beverages must be cleaned on the spot using cold water.

For greasy stains, paint thinner is the recommended stain remover.

For vomit stains, a baking soda solution is the most effective.

Blood stains can be eliminated by a pasty mixture concocted from laundry starch and cold water. Blood stains will set if hot water is used to treat them, so always use cold water.

The two most common car upholstery materials used today are leather and cloth.

For cloth upholstery, here are some stain-removing tips.

• Lipstick stains can be removed by rubbing white toothpaste against the stained area; take note to use only the non-gel kind of toothpaste. Wipe with wet cloth afterwards.

• Battery acid stains can be cleaned by leaving on a pasty mixture of baking soda and water for two hours. If the stain is still there after a couple of hours, then that’s the time you resort to a commercial cleaning product.

• Eliminate crayon marks by scratching with a blunt knife edge or metallic spoon. Use alternately liquid dishwashing soap and the cleaning product WD-40 until the crayon stain goes away.

• As for ink stains, do not rub them to prevent the ink from smearing. Blot the stained area carefully, and spray hairspray on it. After a few minutes, wipe with clean dry towels. You may also use rubbing alcohol to clean ink stains.

• Stains and bad odors from mildew and mold can be easily removed by a diluted solution of color-safe bleach.

• Gasoline stains pose a more challenging problem. Treat first with a mixture containing white vinegar, liquid dishwashing soap, and warm water. If the gasoline stain remains, then try a dry cleaning solvent to clean it off the car upholstery fabric.

For leather upholstery, you may not want to DIY. Use commercial car leather cleaning products instead. There are products designed to keep the leather shiny, slippery, and even keep the texture sticky. Leather conditioners, cleaners, and cleaner-conditioner combinations are sold in different brands and strengths. Car upholstery leather, although it is long wearing, is easily damaged and scratched. So, when you vacuum leather upholstery, take care not to scratch it.

Choosing car upholstery cleaning products

The commercial cleaning product that you use depends on the type of the upholstery material. Most car upholstery fabrics are pre-treated to render them waterproof. The thumb rule is to simply read the product label carefully to check if it is a match to your car upholstery. For example, suede or velvet upholstery fabrics have specific cleaning products designed just for them.

Many car upholstery products can also double as car carpet cleaners. It is certainly wise to take time and to pick the most efficient product. That way, you do not have to buy an entire car cleaning line just to maintain a spotless interior. The most basic cleaning arsenal consists only of a handheld vacuum cleaner, an effective stain remover (either homemade using color-safe bleach, baking soda, white vinegar, liquid detergent, etc. or commercial car cleaning products), a brush, a couple of white lint-free rags, and knowledge about removing common stains.

Green Carpet Cleaning To Keep Your Home Healthy

Today we are becoming aware of how the different products we use affect us and the environment. The term “Green” has become a popular phrase not only to help the environment, but to help our own well being by making sure the products we use are safe.

One important area that some overlook in order to go green is when to have your carpet cleaned and how it can affect your health. Having your carpet cleaned is an important upkeep to your home, even more so when you have allergies, children or pets, and to choose the right method of carpet cleaning is crucial.

Most of us don’t realize that traditional carpet cleaners use many chemicals. These chemicals give off fumes into the air and stay embedded to your carpet, even after they are dry. If you have children or pets that crawl on your rugs, they are exposed to these chemicals most every time. Using a carpet cleaning service that uses natural organic cleaning will solve this concern.

There are many benefits from organic carpet cleaning Virginia other than the use of non-toxic chemicals. When you have your carpets steam cleaned you deal with a long drying process from 24 to 48 hours. This is a great inconvenience to your busy household. Also, steam cleaning can produces a soapy residue that is left in your carpets and will lead to stains reappearing on your carpet.

Organic cleaning can eliminate the chemicals and soap and your dry time is reduced to 2 to 3 hours of a window, so you can get back to life as normal in your home. Because of the quick dry time of organic cleaning you also eliminate the concerns of mold in your carpet.

Steam cleaning can saturate your carpet pad and if it does not dry fast it can cause mold. When you need your carpets cleaned, consider calling an organic non-toxic carpet cleaning company. You can do your part for our environment by reducing the amount of chemicals used. It is also safe for you, kid safe and pet safe. Your carpets will stay cleaner for a lot longer and you will receive greater results than with steam cleaning.